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TIB Chemicals AG Mannheim is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and speciality chemicals with sites in Germany, the USA and Mexico. The various business units cover a wide range of chemical products, from mineral acids and metal compounds to bitumen specialities. The exhibiting Metal and Surface Chemicals business unit combines the activities of the former Surface Technology, Metal Chemicals and Zinc Chemicals business units. The newly created division thus stands for a comprehensive range of metal compounds of tin, nickel, zinc, copper and others, as well as organic intermediates and formulations for various applications. Contract manufacturing and other product-related services are becoming increasingly important, especially in business with our customers from the surface technology sector.


  • Methane sulphonate solutions for tin, copper, silver, lead, indium, etc.
  • Fluoroborate solutions for tin, copper, lead, etc.
  • Tin salts: sulphate, chloride, stannate
  • Nickel compounds: Sulphate, nitrate, chloride, carbonate, sulphamate, acetate, phosphate
  • Copper products: Oxide, carbonate, chloride, sulphate, pyrophosphate
  • Zinc compounds: Chloride, citrate, nitrate, carbonate
  • Chromium(III) salt solutions: Nitrate, chloride, sulphate
  • Acids
  • Organic intermediates / formulations
Mülheimer Str. 16-22
68219 Mannheim
    Room: 44