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Walter Lemmen GmbH has been producing an extensive range of electroplating and PCB technology products for industry, research and education for over 40 years. The various systems are designed and manufactured in our factory in Kreuzwertheim and distributed worldwide.


  • Planning and construction of equipment and systems for the production of printed circuit boards, multilayers, ceramic substrates and moulded etched parts for prototype and small series production:
  • Spray etcher, spray developer, spray stripper systems (surface processing in vertical and dipping processes)
  • Through-hole plating systems
  • Surface finishing for printed circuit boards
  • Shears
  • UV exposure units, LDI direct exposure units
  • Film plotters
  • Laminators and brushing systems
  • Drilling machines
  • Multilayer presses
  • Ovens and continuous dryers
  • Rinsing water treatment
  • Planning and construction of rack and barrel systems for decorative and functional galvanic and chemical surface finishing
  • Pre-treatment and cleaning systems
  • Electropolishing systems (rack and barrel systems)
  • Anodising plants
  • Systems for the surface treatment of titanium and titanium alloys, niobium: (pickling, etching, colouring, electropolishing) as rack and barrel systems
  • - Table galvanising systems (tanks with integrated bath movement, heating, etc.)
  • - Waste water technology:
  • - Metal recovery plants for precious metals
  • - Rinsing water treatment plants
  • - Filter systems
  • - Tank construction (plastic)
  • - Special plant construction
  • - Engineering services for electroplating technology
  • - Consultancy and supply of electroplating accessories
Birkenstraße 13
97892 Kreuzwertheim
    Room: 47