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MEWA Textil-Service SE & Co. Management OHG

Mewa has enjoyed a partnership with the ZVO for over twenty years: members of the ZVO receive special conditions for the workwear manufacturer's service package through a framework agreement with Mewa.

All-round service for workwear and protective clothing, cleaning cloths, collection mats and parts cleaners as well as purchased items for occupational safety: Mewa offers companies a sustainable all-round service that relieves the burden and saves resources. The service includes the provision, care, repair, storage and logistics of textiles in accordance with certified quality, hygiene and safety standards. More than 200,000 businesses already rely on the service. Across Europe, more than 1.1 million employees wear Mewa workwear and around three million users utilise Mewa reusable cloths to clean plant and machinery. Customers benefit from the expertise of an industry leader combined with personalised advice on individual requirements.

Functional, comfortable and fashionable selection of workwear: Mewa Dynamic, Mewa Move, Mewa Peak
Protective clothing
Type 6 chemical protective clothing for protection against liquid chemicals: Dynamic Elements, Ideal Protect Special, Twinstar Protect Special

Cleaning cloths
Cloths in four different qualities - tailored to the requirements in workshops, factories and production Parts cleaners
Brush washing tables and high-pressure cleaners
for environmentally friendly cleaning of tools and metal parts - maintenance included

Safety mats
to protect machines, workplaces and floors in the event of leaks of oily and aqueous liquids

Mewa buy4work
Mewa completes its product range with a comprehensive portfolio of purchased items for occupational safety. More than 10,000 products, including safety goggles, safety shoes and gloves for work in workshops and factories, are available via catalogue or the online shop "buy4work.mewa.de".

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