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BüchnerBarella Holding GmbH & Co. KG

BüchnerBarella is a nationwide insurance broker with over 260 experts. The company always approaches its customers, providing help and support wherever it is needed. And has been doing so since 1922 - and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Together with its insurance partner BüchnerBarella, ZVO has created a specific and exclusive insurance solution for the industry covering the entire electroplating and surface technology process chain. It contains numerous unique selling points and the best possible price/performance ratio. As a company member of the ZVO, you can secure these benefits, among others:

  •     Waiver of underinsurance in property insurance (buildings and contents) and business interruption insurance
  •     Professional assessment of environmental risks, including current official authorisations
  •     industry-specific testing clause (unique on the market)
  •     Comprehensive, extended product liability including motor vehicle parts
  •     Co-insurance of processing damage to customer parts to be processed
  •     cancellation of the environmental exclusion in legal expenses insurance (unique on the market)
  •     Professional support in the event of major fire damage
  •     Permanent participation in developments and improvements in the scope of the ZVO insurance framework
  •     Comprehensive advice on the content and background of possible and sensible cover from underwriting brokers with many years of experience in electroplating and surface technology

Contract review, claims and liability management - what does this mean?

In all the company analyses carried out to date, it was not only possible to reduce the annual insurance premium with an identical performance comparison. At the same time, all analyses revealed considerable gaps in cover that could be closed by the contents of the ZVO industry insurance framework.

For example, 70 per cent of the companies analysed were underinsured due to insufficient sums insured. In nine out of ten companies, environmental risks were not adequately insured. The risks arising from liability under the Environmental Damage Act were not insured at any company. Large insurance gaps were also found in public liability insurance, and the so-called "testing clause" was agreed for product liability in all of the companies analysed. According to this clause, there is no insurance cover for products/processes that do not correspond to the state of the art or have not been sufficiently tested in any other way. Electroplating plants in particular are affected by this when processes are replaced or exchanged.

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