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UMICORE Galvanotechnik GmbH

Modern electroplated (precious metal) coatings - for the highest demands in technical and decorative applications

Adapted or optimised surface properties make the difference. Our processes and products enable high-quality (precious) metal surfaces that functionally raise your product to a new level of quality and/or emphasise the product design visually and haptically. Well-known manufacturers from a wide range of sectors, such as the semiconductor, communications and electronics industries, as well as the jewellery sector, for example, directly or indirectly source components coated with our products.

With us, you have a leading global manufacturer of electrolytes and electrodes for surface finishing at your side. We are there for you worldwide, from development to series production and, of course, beyond as a competent service partner for electrochemical electroplating.


  • (Precious) metal electrolytes and preparations: gold (AURUNA®), silver (ARGUNA®), palladium (PALLUNA®), platinum (PLATUNA®), rhodium (RHODUNA®) ruthenium (RUTHUNA®), copper-tin-(zinc) (MIRALLOY®), nickel-phosphorus (NIPHOS®)
  • Galvanic pre- and post-treatment processes
  • Dimensionally stable electrodes, platinised wires and strips by high-temperature electrolysis / HTE (PLATINODE®)
  • For technical applications such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards, connectors or other electronics
  • For decorative applications such as jewellery, lifestyle articles and clothing
Klarenbergstraße 53-79
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
    Room: 27