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Verein Deutsches Museum für Galvanotechnik e.V.

What is the purpose, what is the philosophy of our organisation?

Collecting exhibits
Collecting and preserving exhibits such as books, documents, machines and other materials from old and new times and presenting them in an appealing way is a natural part of a museum.
Over the years, a few enthusiasts have created an exhibition and a library that show that we are a museum of history but also of the present. In this way, we fulfil part of the educational mission of a museum.

Getting young people interested in our speciality
This is another part of our educational mission that we pay particular attention to. We want to familiarise young people with the field of electroplating and arouse their interest in this specialist area, which is so important for all modern technologies. To this end, we invite schoolchildren and trainees to visit us and provide information in a lecture with a film screening, a tour of the museum and a practical demonstration of electroplating.

Exploring the history of electroplating technology
In particular, the history of the specialised company at the Leipzig site, which was successively known as
- Dr Georg Langbein,   
- Langbein - Pfanhauser - Werke AG (LPW),
- VEB Galvanotechnik Leipzig (GTI),-
- and finally as Galvanotechnik Leipzig GmbH i.G. and i.L.
was extensively documented in publications and films until its demise in 1993. The development and sometimes also the demise of the successor companies also remains in focus.
Furthermore, documents and information on specialised electroplating companies worldwide are collected, archived and exhibited as far as possible.

Public relations
In addition to the publications mentioned above, participation in public events such as the Day of Industrial Culture, the Leipzig Technical Seminar, the ZVO Surface Days and the Museum Night is part of our public relations work.
In addition, exhibitions organised by other associations such as "plakat sozial e. v.", as well as corporate events and other events are held on our premises.

Provision of rooms for conferences and events
We provide rooms equipped with modern technology for seminars, training courses, company presentations, annual general meetings of other associations and similar events. This service has already been utilised several times and has helped to raise the profile of our association.

Research has shown that the German Museum of Electroplating is probably the only museum in the world that deals exclusively with electroplating technology.

Torgauer Str. 76b
04318 Leipzig
    Room: 57