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Entrepreneur Forum: Industry 4.0 and digital networking

Another session at the Entrepreneur Forum of the Oberflaechentage on Friday morning, September 15, 2023, will focus on the importance and implementation of Industry 4.0 and digital networking in electroplating and surface technology.

Registration for the ZVO Oberflaechentage 2023 takes place via the congress homepage https://oberflaechentage.zvo.org

The eight presentations in this session show how digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize processes in all operational areas of electroplating and surface technology.

Industry 4.0 includes both digital simulation and digital networking of processes and plant technology. Surface processing faces the challenge of extracting process-relevant data from the large amount of data that can be recorded. The networking of individual areas and the entire supply chain also has consequences that need to be considered and evaluated.

Current densities, voltage, current, exposure time, temperature, drum rotation or belt speed, volume flows and conductivity monitoring are just some of the parameters that can be measured and recorded in production. In the sales area, it's all about customer relationship management, complex order and schedule planning.

The challenge is not so much the measurement and recording of such data, but rather its evaluation and weighting. The presentations provide insight and examples of how Industry 4.0 and digital networking can be used to meet the growing, multidimensional requirements of electroplating operations, for greater transparency, planning reliability and customer satisfaction.