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The challenge of industrial component cleanliness

New requirements on particulate and filmic contaminants on components in electroplating and surface technology will be the topic of an OT focus session on Friday, September 15, 2023.

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High demands on the coating have a corresponding effect on its pretreatment, especially with regard to the important process step of surface cleaning. Statistically, cleaning processes account for between 10 and 25 percent of the costs of a product. Approximately every tenth working hour is spent on the pre- and post-cleaning of surfaces.

In Germany, however, there has been no formal training or continuing education in the field of industrial cleaning to date. This disparity is to be closed by the training to the IHK certified "Berufspezialist*in industrielle Teilereinigung", which is presented in the session.

The Industrial Parts Cleaning Association will also present its guideline "Mastering Filmic Contamination", which is aimed at operators of parts cleaning systems, those responsible for cleaning processes and users of measuring and testing technology. The presentation will provide insights into the content of the guideline, which is available in German and English, as well as reports on users' experiences.

CO2 snow blasting will also be presented, which can be a useful addition or alternative to the classic wet chemical cleaning processes for surface preparation prior to coating, whether painting, PVD processes or hot stamping.

For production control, Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg is developing optical systems and imaging methods that can be used to analyze surfaces directly in production and thus control processes. The systems measure so quickly and so accurately that small defects or impurities are detected even at high production speeds. In the lecture, the detection of filmic or particulate contamination on component surfaces will be presented in concrete applications.