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Entrepreneur Forum: Sustainability, Finance and Corporate Governance

Under the motto "Management meets Surface", a business forum will again be held as part of this year's Oberflaechentage. The first session on Thursday, September 14, will focus on the sustainable, climate-neutral and energy-saving orientation of an electroplating shop, on finance and insurance, and on corporate management.

Registration for the ZVO Oberflaechentage 2023 takes place via the congress homepage https://oberflaechentage.zvo.org

A total of nine presentations in this session deal with the various aspects of sustainable business management, starting with Integrated Management Systems (IMS) on the environment, energy and occupational health and safety, energy and resource efficiency, Internet security, financing and personnel issues, and approval procedures.

Because in the course of the socially, politically, economically and ecologically driven developments in society and many industries, companies and value chains, electroplating and surface technology are also facing constantly new or growing challenges.