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Surface process for sustainable, climate-neutral and energy-saving coating

An OT session on Thursday, September 14, 2023, will be dedicated to the currently hot topics of sustainability, climate neutrality and energy saving in surface coating.

Registration for the ZVO Oberflaechentage 2023 takes place via the congress homepage https://oberflaechentage.zvo.org

A total of nine presentations will deal with how optimization can be achieved in the various processes, how consumption can be reduced,CO2 can be saved or substances regulated by environmental and chemical policies can be avoided - whether in pre-treatment ((laser) cleaning, (plastic) pickling) or in the coating itself (baths, electrolyte, anodes, rinsing...).

In addition to costs and environmental regulations, however, it is also important not to lose sight of quality, which must be or remain extraordinarily high in the highly competitive market of electroplating and surface technology.