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Sager + Mack GmbH & Co. KG

Sager+Mack® has been developing and producing pumps and filter systems for electroplating and surface finishing for over 30 years. As a 360-degree supplier, Sager+Mack offers a comprehensive system including consumables.

Room: 01
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  • Deutschland |  74532 Ilshofen-Eckartshausen 
  • Brenscheidt Galvanik Service GmbH

    Whenever problems arise in the process chain with technical surfaces, Brenscheidt Galvanik Service GmbH works with its customers to find the right solutions. Over 20 years of experience in the field of coating technology and quality management help...

    Room: 02

  • Deutschland |  59846 Sundern 
  • MEWA Textil-Service SE & Co. Management OHG

    Mewa has enjoyed a partnership with the ZVO for over twenty years: members of the ZVO receive special conditions for the workwear manufacturer's service package through a framework agreement with Mewa.

    All-round service for workwear and protective...

    Room: 03
  • Go to website: www.mewa.de

  • Deutschland |  65189 Wiesbaden 
  • Atotech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

    Atotech solutions. Leading plating chemicals, equipment and services.

    About Atotech
    Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, develops leading process and manufacturing technologies for advanced surface...

    Room: 04

  • Deutschland |  10553 Berlin 

    METAKEM produces dimensionally stable anodes (platinised or mixed oxide-activated titanium and niobium). The product range includes special anodes such as the newly developed "anode with shielding" as well as reference electrodes for cathodic...

    Room: 05
  • Go to website: http://www.metakem.de

  • Deutschland |  61250 Usingen 
  • Schlötter / Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG

    Schlötter stands for expertise in electroplating technology. More than 100 years of experience in the development of electrolytes for electroplating form the basis for our success. As a company specialising in electroplating, we offer solutions for...

    Room: 06
  • Go to website: www.schloetter.de

  • Deutschland |  73312 Geislingen/Steige 
  • Cloudflight Germany GmbH

    Cloudflight is one of the leading full-service providers in the field of industrial digital transformation. Digitalisation and new technologies not only accelerate change, they make it possible in the first place. With Cloudflight, you can master the...

    Room: 07
  • Go to website: www.cloudflight.io

  • Deutschland |  24106 Kiel 
  • Seemann Gestellbau GmbH

    Market-leading supplier to the surface treatment industry. The company develops and produces high-quality electroplating and painting equipment. Many years of experience, trained specialists and a vertical range of manufacture of over 90 per cent...

    Room: 08
  • Go to website: www.gestellbau.com

  • Deutschland |  78056 Villingen-Schwenningen 
  • CREON METAL SURFACES (Fachverband Galvanisierte Kunststoffe e.V.)

    The Galvanised Plastics Association has developed a new generation of high-quality real metal surfaces: With unchanged versatile design possibilities, additional colour options and maximum freedom of form and precision for the design. The next...

    Room: 09

  • Deutschland |  40724 Hilden 
  • Spiraltec GmbH

    Die Spiraltec GmbH bietet eine neue Technologie zur Badpflege in der Oberflächenbearbeitung. Optimal geeignet zur Ausschleusung von Metallen und Rückgewinnung von Säure. Eine wirtschaftliche lukrative und umweltfreundliche Alternative für alle...

    Room: 10
  • Go to website: www.spiraltecgmbh.de

  • Deutschland |  74343 Sachsenhein 
  • Forplan AG

    Partner for complete surface treatment solutions in the areas of mass finishing, cleaning and coating

    Room: 11
  • Go to website: https://www.forplan.ch/

  • Deutschland |  78048 Villingen-Schwenningen 
  • plasotec GmbH

    plasotec Gmbh is a young and innovative company that is the first user of the industrial utilisation of electrolytic plasma polishing.

    Room: 12
  • Go to website: https://www.plasotec.de

  • Deutschland |  14727 Primnitz 
  • MacDermid Enthone GmbH

    MacDermid Enthone develops and manufactures speciality chemicals for all surface coating applications, including cleaning, activating, polishing, electroplating, phosphating and rust protection for the aerospace, automotive, electronics, luxury goods...

    Room: 13

  • Deutschland |  40764 Langenfeld 
  • GalvanoCare GmbH

    GalvanoCare GmbH's range of services includes the conversion and modernisation of electroplating systems, including consulting services.

    Room: 14
  • Go to website: www.galvanocare.de

  • Deutschlnd |  73340 Amstetten 
  • KBR GmbH

    KBR specialises in products and solutions for reducing energy costs in trade and industry. The company offers a reliable and coherent system for many important tasks involved in managing the energy required. Efficient and of the highest quality....

    Room: 15
  • Go to website: www.kbr.de

  • Deutschland |  91126 Schwabach 
  • WRC World Resources Company GmbH

    WRC operates a new, modern, environmentally friendly plant in which metal-containing residues from various industrial sectors (from the electronics, aerospace and surface treatment industries to the automotive and jewellery industries) are recycled....

    Room: 16
  • Go to website: http://www.wrc-europe.eu/

  • Deutschland |  04808 Wurzen 
  • SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsges. mbH

    For the special requirements of large systems and industry, SPECK Pumpen offers high-performance pumps of the highest quality safety, power and reliability.

    Room: 17

  • Deutschland |  91233 Neunkirch a. Sand 
  • PLASMA GERMANY / Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Dünne Schichten e.V. (EFDS)

    Plasma Germany is the national independent expert network of 11 supporting organisations from industry and science. The aim is to place the competences of the participating companies and interested experts on a broader common basis, to network them...

    Room: 18

  • Deutschland |  01217 Dresden 
  • Todini Deutschland GmbH

    Distributor of chemical products: Todini Chemicals is a global leader in the distribution of salts and oxides of non-ferrous metals such as nickel, selenium, cobalt, iodine, bismuth, copper, tin, molybdenum, vanadium and tellurium.

    Room: 19
  • Go to website: https://www.todini.com/de

  • Deutschland |  45127 Essen 
  • ICOM Automation GmbH

    ICOM Automation GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of control systems for electroplating plants. It plans, develops and realises automation solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the electroplating industry, the company provides its...

    Room: 20

  • Deutschland |  98693 Ilmenau 
  • Deutsche Messe

    Exhibitors Deutsche Messe has been bringing exhibitors together with the right visitors through its events and services since 1947. Its competences are as diverse as its entire portfolio: Capital goods fairs, HR trade fairs, consumer exhibitions.

    Room: 21
  • Go to website: https://www.messe.de

  • Heimerle + Meule GmbH

    As Germany's oldest gold and silver refinery, Heimerle + Meule GmbH has developed into one of the leading European full-service providers in the precious metal processing market sector. The product and service portfolio comprises the following areas:...

    Room: 22

  • Deutschland |  75179 Pforzheim 
  • SurTec Deutschland GmbH

    SurTec develops, produces and distributes chemical specialities for surface treatment worldwide. With its four application areas of industrial parts cleaning, metal pre-treatment, functional and decorative electroplating, SurTec covers the entire...

    Room: 23
  • Go to website: https://www.surtec.de/

  • Deutschland |  64673 Zwingenberg 

    Global technology and market leader for electroplating and automation technology. Customers trust the solutions for plant engineering, production control, monitoring and logistics. Aucos expertise can be found, for example, in composite materials for...

    Room: 24
  • Go to website: www.aucos.de

  • Deutschland |  52064 Aachen 
  • Technische Universität Ilmenau

    Ilmenau University of Technology is a research-intensive university with campus flair, intercultural diversity and a family environment. In around 100 subject areas at five faculties of the TU Ilmenau, scientists carry out
    scientists conduct...

    Room: 25
  • Go to website: www.tu-ilmenau.de

  • Deutschland |  98693 Ilmenau 
  • Deutsche METROHM Prozessanalytik GmbH & Co. KG

    Metrohm AG is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis and was founded in 1943 by engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland. Today, the company is present in more than 80 countries with its...

    Room: 26

  • Deutschland |  70794 Filderstadt 
  • UMICORE Galvanotechnik GmbH

    Modern electroplated (precious metal) coatings - for the highest demands in technical and decorative applications

    Adapted or optimised surface properties make the difference. Our processes and products enable high-quality (precious) metal surfaces...

    Room: 27
  • Go to website: https://mds.umicore.com

  • Deutschland |  73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd 
  • BüchnerBarella Holding GmbH

    BüchnerBarella is a nationwide insurance broker with over 260 experts. The company always approaches its customers, providing help and support wherever it is needed. And has been doing so since 1922 - and will certainly continue to do so in the...

    Room: 28
  • Go to website: buechnerbarella.de

  • Deutschland |  35390 Gießen 
  • Bluestone Metals & Chemicals Europe S.L.

    Bluestone Metals & Chemicals is the global distribution arm of the Specialty Metals Resources Group. Bluestone supplies high-quality products (metals & chemicals) from cobalt, nickel, tungsten, iodine, bismuth, manganese, selenium, zirconium,...

    Room: 29

  • Spanien |  46002 Valencia 
  • A.S.T. Anlagenbau und Systemtechnik GmbH

    A.S.T. Anlagentechnik means consulting, planning, production, delivery and assembly of manually operated systems through to complex production systems. As a reliable partner for customised system solutions, A.S.T GmbH has been supporting its...

    Room: 30
  • Go to website: www.astgehren.com

  • Deutschland |  98694 Gehren 
  • Serfilco GmbH

    SERFILCO has been producing pumps, systems for filtration & bath movement, bath heaters, special flow heaters (water/DI water/chemicals) primarily for industry/plant engineering in electroplating (metal/plastic), printed circuit board production,...

    Room: 31
  • Go to website: www.serfilco.de

  • Deutschland |  52156 Monschau 
  • DiTEC Dr. Siegfried Kahlich & Dierk Langer GmbH

    DiTEC – ihr Automatisierungs- und Digitalisierungspartner bietet kundenorientierte, effiziente und ressourcenschonende Software für jede Unternehmensgröße

    Für 30 Jahre Erfahrung mit Galvaniksteuerungen und über 900 Installationen weltweit sind wir...

    Room: 32
  • Go to website: https://ditec-gmbh.de

  • Deutschland |  69126 Heidelberg 
  • Färber & Schmid GmbH

    Since its foundation in 1994, Färber & Schmid has been developing efficient and cost-effective solutions that are practical and ideally combine economic and ecological goals. The company has set standards in the development of new chemicals for...

    Room: 33

  • Deutschland |  70329 Stuttgart 
  • Mefiag Filter & Pumps

    Founded in the Netherlands, Mefiag is one of the world's leading companies in the development, manufacture and supply of corrosion-resistant filters and pumps, primarily for the electroplating, anodising and metal finishing industries.

    Room: 34
  • Go to website: www.mefiag.com

  • Niederlande |  8445 PJ Heerenveen 
  • bi.bra Abwassertechnik GmbH

    bi.bra Abwassertechnik GmbH plans and realises complete solutions for wastewater treatment, water treatment and recycling, especially for the metalworking industry. Bi.bra is a reliable partner for electroplating and anodising companies, pickling...

    Room: 35/36
  • Go to website: www.bi-bra.de

  • Deutschland |  01257 Dresden 
  • Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik e.V.

    The ZVO represents the interests of raw material and process chemistry suppliers, system manufacturers, component manufacturers, service providers, coaters and electroplating companies in the German electroplating and surface technology sector. Its...

    Room: 37/38
  • Go to website: www.zvo.org

  • Deutschland |  40724 Hilden 
  • Balver Zinn Josef Jost GmbH & Co. KG

    Balver Zinn is one of the leading suppliers of zinc anodes on the market, but our product range also includes anodes made of pure tin or tin-lead as well as special wires made of zinc, tin and lead. Thanks to many...

    Room: 39
  • Go to website: http://www.balverzinn.com

  • Deutschland |  58802 Balve 
  • Metzka GmbH

    SIMPLE - FAIR - COMPETENT: Metzka sees itself as a competent service provider for plant engineering based in Schwanstetten. Its philosophy: "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success." (Henry Ford)


    Room: 40
  • Go to website: www.metzka.de

  • Deutschland |  90596 Schwanstetten 
  • Virtual Visions OG

    Virtual Visions develops customised software solutions for VR applications.

    Room: 42

  • Österreich |  8504 Preding 
  • Hendor - Pumpen & Filter

    For 70 years, Hendor has been known worldwide as a family business and an innovative and successful manufacturer of specialised pumps and filters. With in-house development and production. Complete control over the production process. High-quality...

    Room: 43
  • Go to website: https://www.hendor.com/

  • Niederlande |  5531 NK Bladel 
  • TIB Chemicals AG

    TIB Chemicals AG Mannheim is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and speciality chemicals with sites in Germany, the USA and Mexico. The various business units cover a wide range of chemical products, from mineral acids and metal compounds...

    Room: 44

  • Deutschland |  68219 Mannheim 
  • MUNK GmbH

    High-quality products from Hamm for the whole world: Munk GmbH, based in Hamm (Westphalia), has been an established name on the market for industrial DC power supplies for over 50 years. Under the motto "We have the power", pulse and reverse pulse...

    Room: 45
  • Go to website: https://munk.de

  • Deutschland |  59069 Hamm 
  • BRW Elektrochemie GmbH & Co. KG

    Die BRW Elektrochemie GmbH & Co.KG wurde 1982 in Wuppertal als galvanotechnische Fachfirma gegründet. Im Jahr 2009 wurde der Standort nach Lüdenscheid verlagert. Seit 2019 gehört sie in die Unternehmensgruppe Wocklum und hat ihren Standort in Balve....

    Room: 46
  • Go to website: http://brw-gmbh.de

  • Deutschland |  58802 Balve 
  • Walter Lemmen GmbH

    Walter Lemmen GmbH has been producing an extensive range of electroplating and PCB technology products for industry, research and education for over 40 years. The various systems are designed and manufactured in our factory in Kreuzwertheim and...

    Room: 47
  • Go to website: www.walterlemmen.de

  • Deutschland |  97892 Kreuzwertheim 
  • Harter GmbH

    Energie- und CO2-sparend, schnell, schonend und sicher trocknen – diesem Leitspruch hat sich Harter aus Stiefenhofen im Allgäu verschrieben. Harter ist ein inhabergeführtes Unternehmen, das seit mehr als 30 Jahren Trocknungssysteme für die Industrie...

    Room: 48
  • Go to website: https://harter-gmbh.de/

  • Deutschland |  88167 Stiefenhofen 
  • IGOS Institut für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik Solingen GmbH & Co. KG

    The Institut für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik Solingen GmbH & Co. KG (IGOS) is the neutral point of contact for companies that are active in the fields of coating and electroplating technology

    or otherwise utilise surface-relevant technologies...

    Room: 49
  • Go to website: https://www.igos.de

  • Deutschland |  42657 Solingen 
  • Renner GmbH

    RENNER - Innovative Pumps and Filter Technology - offers a flexible, customer-orientated product range that perfectly meets the requirements of modern industrial processes. Renner makes processes with liquid media reliable and economical.

    Room: 50
  • Go to website: www.renner-pumpen.de

  • Deutschland |  75433 Maulbronn 
  • WMV Apparatebau GmbH

    WMV develops pioneering, innovative technologies in plant and mechanical engineering at the highest quality level and is recognised as a system solution provider in many areas of surface treatment of mass-produced parts. Customised solution concepts...

    Room: 51
  • Go to website: www.wmv.com

  • Deutschland |  51570 Windeck 
  • C. H. Erbslöh GmbH & Co. KG

    C. H. Erbslöh was founded in 1876. The company has been involved in wastewater technology for over four decades and is successful with effective products. C. H. Erbslöh attaches particular importance to competent customer service. The basis of its...

    Room: 52
  • Go to website: http://www.cherbsloeh.com

  • Deutschland |  47747 Krefeld 
  • Steinle Industriepumpen GmbH

    Seit 1992 versorgt Steinle den markt mit Industriepumpen. Neben der Herstellung der Industriepumpen kümmert sich das Unternehmen auch um Montage, Wartung und Reparatur.

    Room: 53

  • Deutschland |  40233 Düsseldorf 
  • FST Drytec GmbH

    As a surface technology company, FST Drytec GmbH specialises in the construction of systems for heat treatment and energy-efficient drying of adhesive water and coatings. Its particular strengths are drying system solutions customised to individual...

    Room: 54
  • Go to website: www.fst-drytec.de

  • Deutschland |  75447 Sternenfels 
  • KraftPowercon Sweden AB

    KraftPowercon is a global company with production facilities in Sweden, China and India. It offers innovative solutions, products and services for industrial power supplies, including high-current rectifiers for surface technology applications.

    Room: 55
  • Go to website: www.kraftpowercon.com

  • Schweden |  44556 Surte 
  • MKV GmbH

    Surface technology made in Germany: MKV GmbH stands for quality, expertise and reliability in plant engineering. MKV supplies electroplating systems for a wide range of process technologies, cleaning systems and crack detection systems for the...

    Room: 56
  • Go to website: www.mkv-anlagen.de

  • Deutschland |  90584 Allersberg 
  • Verein Deutsches Museum für Galvanotechnik e.V

    What is the purpose, what is the philosophy of our organisation?

    Collecting exhibits
    Collecting and preserving exhibits such as books, documents, machines and other materials from old and new times and presenting them in an appealing way is a natural...

    Room: 57
  • Go to website: www.wdmg.de

  • Deutschland |  04318 Leipzig 
  • OTE Oberflächen- & Elektrotechnik Scheigenpflug GmbH

    OTE Oberflächen- & Elektrotechnik Scheigenpflug GmbH has been a competent partner for new plant construction and conversion in the field of electroplating and surface technology since 1998. As a certified specialist company in accordance with § 19 l...

    Room: 58

  • Deutschland |  04316 Leipzig 
  • WKM Wärmeprozess- und Klimaprüftechnik Michel GmbH & Co. KG

    Electromobility, industrial production, research & development: In these and many other areas, environmental simulation, heat treatment and media temperature control are indispensable in the development and production process. WKM offers you...

    Room: 59

  • Deutschland |  29331 Lachendorf 
  • eska Schneider Lagersysteme GmbH

    eska has been developing innovative solutions in the field of storage and conveyor technology at its Eichenzell site since 1976. The range of services includes paternoster storage systems for DIY and speciality stores, carpet, measuring and cutting...

    Room: 60
  • Go to website: www.eska-lagersysteme.de

  • Deutschland |  36124 Eichenzell 
  • G. & S. Philipp Chemische Produkte

    Die Lösung gegen Algen, Verkeimungen, Biofilmen und Legionellen

    Seit über 30 Jahren unterstützen wir unsere Kunden aus dem Bereichen Oberflächenbeschichtung, Galvanik, Leiterplattenhersteller und Mikroätzer beim Kampf gegen Biofilme und Algen. Ohne...

    Room: 61
  • Go to website: www.guschem.de

  • Deutschland |  86943 Thaining 
  • Gravitech Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik mbH

    Gravitech Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik mbH was founded in 1994 with the philosophy: "We make customised analysis for our customers!" The company has remained true to this philosophy. Its expertise includes the development of analytical methods,...

    Room: 62
  • Go to website: www.gravitech.de

  • Deutschland |  63110 Rodgau 
  • BAG Analytics GmbH

    BAG Smart Analytics: Your specialist for the combination of analytics, digitalisation, automation and data processing. We offer you innovative, customised solutions for process monitoring and control in electroplating and surface technology for...

    Room: 62
  • Go to website: https://bag-analytics.de

  • Deutschland |  35625 Hüttenberg 
  • B+T K-Alpha GmbH

    B+T K-Alpha GmbH ist Teil der B+T Unternehmensgruppe, die im Bereich Oberflächenbeschichtung ihre Wurzeln hat. In der Galvanik zu Hause, greift man auch im Bereich der Analyse von Beschichtungsbädern auf jahrzehntelange Erfahrung zurück. Kamen in der...

    Room: 62
  • Go to website: www.bt-kalpha.de

  • Deutschland |  35625 Hüttenberg 
  • Softec GmbH

    Softec GmbH is a provider of ERP software for surface finishing. Softec has been developing ERP industry software for electroplating, powder coating, painting, anodising, hardening shops and other sub-sectors since 1988. Softec's solutions are used...

    Room: 63
  • Go to website: https://www.softec.de/

  • Deutschland |  76185 Karlsruhe 
  • Vopelius Chemie AG

    Vopelius is an internationally active company in the speciality chemicals sector. It specialises in: Production of and trade in chemical products for surface technology and many other branches of industry. Vopelius develops customised solutions for...

    Room: 64
  • Go to website: www.vopelius.com

  • Deutschland |  04318 Leipzig 
  • QUBUS Planung und Beratung Oberflächentechnik GmbH

    QUBUS Planung und Beratung Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers a unique network of services for surface technology and metal processing companies, focussing on plant and factory planning, environmental law, occupational safety, fire protection, management...

    Room: 65
  • Go to website: www.qubus.de

  • Deutschland |  73529 Schwäbisch-Gmünd 
  • plating electronic GmbH

    plating electronic is one of the technology leaders in direct current and pulsed current sources for electrochemical processes such as electroplating, anodising and aluminium dyeing processes. Compact, efficient and customised devices with the...

    Room: 66
  • Go to website: https://www.plating.de/

  • Deutschland |  79350 Sexau 
  • Bohncke GmbH

    Bohncke - High-quality workmanship for highlights. Bohnke is a recognised first address for pumps and filters in the electroplating sector and a solution provider in the field of new filter technologies. The full-range programme guarantees...

    Room: 67
  • Go to website: http://www.bohncke.de

  • Deutschland |  65510 Hünstetten-Wallbach 
  • Helmut Fischer GmbH

    Helmut Fischer GmbH has been supplying measurement solutions for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, nanoindentation and materials analysis since 1953.

    Room: 68

  • Deutschland |  71069 Sindelfingen 
  • ME-Metals & Technologies

    ME-MT offers ME-CuTi (copper-titanium coated current feeders) in many sizes and shapes. Extrusion moulding results in a good bond and optimum current transmission. ME-CuTi also offers a high degree of flexibility. Delivery of different sizes from...

    Room: 69
  • Go to website: www.me-mt.com

  • Niederlande |  06101 XH Echt