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#OTBerlin23: Former boxing world champion Regina Halmich as special guest

Regina Halmich is one of the most successful women boxers in the world - also known as the "Queen of Boxing". She has fought 45 times for the world championship crown alone and was world champion in various weight classes for twelve years. In 2014, she was given the great honor of being inducted into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale/USA. On September 13, 2023, she will open this year's ZVO Oberflaechentage.

Regina Halmich

In May 2022, Halmich was inducted into the "Hall of Fame of German Sport," and then in 2022 she received the "accolade" - induction into the "International Boxing Hall of Fame" (IBHOF), in Canastota, New York. "It was a tough fight, but it was worth it". Halmich, however, not only stands for a unique athletic career, but also for social commitment and for a "career after career." In fitness workshops, she steels managers today for the tough everyday professional life. In her talks, she not only talks about her impressive career, but also conveys what can be learned from it for everyday business life. Halmich knows that if you're not in top shape and one hundred percent focused, you're going to get knocked out - in boxing and elsewhere.

On September 13, 2023, Regina Halmich will open the ZVO Surface Days with a talk entitled " Don't be on the ropes. What success in the ring and in business have in common. "I have never taken a step back in my life - unless it was to take a run-up," says Regina Halmich. She has managed to prevail against all odds. From the vision, the passion, the burning desire to actually achieve the seemingly unattainable goal - to become world boxing champion. With the will, the ambition, the training, the "burning to achieve". The willingness to give everything for it and subordinate many things to it.

The pioneer of women's boxing talks about her unique career, with its ups and downs. In doing so, she draws parallels to the challenges that every individual faces on a daily basis. After all, becoming a world champion is one thing, staying one is another. From being the pursuer, you become the pursued. Everyone wants to challenge you for the title of world champion - or in the business world - for market leadership. "It's not only acting in the rope ring that makes you a winner, but also the clarity of your head. You become a world champion with your head and fighting spirit."